Privacy Policy

What information pertaining to me is collected when I visit this website?

If you require further information or have any questions about this websites privacy policy please contact Max. 

At the privacy of visitors is extremely important. However, the website does make use of some tools which log information from user devices. Below is a brief summary of how and why this is done. What is stored. And how you can opt out of certain tracking features. 

Log Files

As with the majority of websites on the internet, uses log files. These files log visitors to the site, and are a standard procedure as part of the site's analytics. 

Some noteworthy examples of information contained in these log files can be found below: 

  • Browser type used: IE. Google Chrome
  • Entrance page/Exit Page: What page was connected to by the user when their session began? What page did the user access before leaving the site?
  • Date/Time Stamp: What time did the user connect to the website?
  • Internet protocol (IP) address: What IP address was used to connect to the website?
  • Demographic information: Where in the world did the connection to the website initiate from? 
  • Page clicks: What pages were clicked on and viewed. How long did the user view them for before exiting?

Although not an exhaustive list or technical explanation, this information is used to help administer the site. None of it can be used to personally identify the user. Nor is personally identifiable information (PII,) stored in the "log Files."  

Contact Form

When using the contact form on the contact page, the user's email address and name are collected. This information is provided by the user at their discretion for the purposes of email communication, it is not shared with third parties without explicit consent from the user. 

Third parties exchanges information with third parties MailerLite™ and Google™.  

  • Information is provided to with MailerLite™ when the user uses the sign up form on the newsletter page. From there they are added to a mailing list which is stored and operated by MailerLite™. This information is always provided by the user at their discretion and is used for the purposes of sending newsletter emails only. The website and its administrator are not liable for and have no control over information stored by MailerLite™. Thus, users are encouraged to read their privacy policy before joining the mailing list in question.  
  • uses google analytics for the purposes of observing traffic to the website, and providing a better user experience. Although no personally identifable information is revealed to or the site administrator, users may opt out by installing the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On. Or by using alternative third party means of blocking trackers.