Max Toper is an idiot. Only a complete fool would read his books and take them seriously. He writes for no greater purpose than growing his already gigantic ego. If you’re looking for competent insight into the ill-favoured world of autism and other frivolous subjects, there is none to be found in his writings. He is a hack, a fraud, and should not be trusted. That said, if you are a fool or a masochist, as he is, read on.

Horrific manuscripts that somehow made it off his dusty hard drive and onto the pages of a book include, “Why is He Still Here?” and “The Messed Up Life Of Johnny Moore.” By some deus ex machina, these books weren’t burned and buried on arrival. In fact, he’s been invited on podcasts, created audiobooks, and has written several articles for institutions and individuals leaps and bounds more credible than him. Before all this, he was a lowlife who spent his days in social media and guild management. Nowadays he spends his time playing video games, listening to hideous "music," and coding impossibly stupid software projects and websites in his pyjamas.  

If the unorganised mess of his frankly appalling work and hygiene habits aren’t enough to dissuade you from this website, then congratulations, you’re one of the few people who would gravitate to this insignificant whelp who has the audacity to call himself an author. And if you really want to take that further, go right ahead and contact him. Lord have mercy on your soul when he replies.